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We purchased our recent home in Santa Rosa that was built by Jim Franklin and we are extremely pleased with the quality of our home as well as our interactions with Jim and his crew. As a new home owner, we wanted to make improvements or address small things in our home to our liking and we usually call Jim and his team for suggestions and improvements. He is so great that his team is at the house within minutes or hours of our discussion and they address any improvement opportunities or fixes right away. In addition, Jim is a great leader and he takes care of his team. Our neighbor down the street also purchased their home from Jim and they share the same positive experience. We are fortunate and blessed to have a construction leader who not only built a great home for us but is also engaged in improvements, small fixes, etc, with the most positive energy you can imagine, as well as most of the improvements or fixes are free!

We would highly recommend Jim for new home building as well as purchasing a home built by his company/crew. - Hiral Tilara

I would highly recommend Jim Franklin and his team to anyone looking to build a new home. We purchased our dream home last year that was built by Jim and his talented team. Jim agreed to make changes to the home to make it perfect for our lifestyle using the help of architects from Farrell Faber and the Realtor, Mary Anne Veldkamp.  They have all been amazing going out of their way to make the changes we requested. We are grateful for the responsiveness to our questions and flexibility making changes.  Everyone that comes to our home is incredibly impressed by all the beautiful details.  - Robin Youngdahl

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